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Club Penguin Innocent Smoothies Website!

Hola, Penguins! Milliemoppit Here!

Disney have put up a Club Penguin Innocent Smoothie website, where you can find all the information! It includes: All The 25 items and furniture you can collect and 2 competitions!

Here are all the 25 items and furniture for you to collect in your pack of Innocent Smoothies!

If you go onto the website, you can hover over the items and see what number they are and what they are called!

Also there are 2 competitions to enter! The Fruit Towers Competition & The Juicy Drink competition!

The Fruit Towers:

You Need to answer the question, and who ever wins gets to go to London with their friends and go to the home of Innocent Smoothies! Also anyone that enters gets a 7 day membership code! I think that is awesome!

The Answer is: Grapes

The Juicy Drink:

With this competition you need to buy a pack of Club Penguin Innocent Smoothies, and enter the password on the back of it. You will then be entered into the draw! There are amazing prizes up for grabs!

So, what do you think of the site? Neat, huh!?

If you want to visit this site, then here is the url:


you can also view the story about how Rockhopper made the Adventure Party fruit themed!

Make sure to pick up your pack of Innocent Smoothies!

~Milliemoppit xoxo


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